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How the Flow-Through Giving Program Works
TerraFunds and TerraTundra Foundation offer a simplified and tax-smart approach to charitable giving using a flow-through limited partnership. This approach may be used to fund multiple cash grants to charities that otherwise are not equipped to accept a flow-through donation directly or cannot accept this type of donation in a timely manner.

By combining the Terra Flow-Through LP with the TerraTundra Foundation Giving Program (the "Giving Program") investors can utilize a tax efficient method for (1) obtaining up to twice the tax deductions as compared to other flow-through offerings or arrangements; and (2) making a charitable donation to charities of their choice simply and effectively through a donor-advised account.

In addition to the tax savings provided, the TerraTundra donor-advised account provides donors advisory privileges that include the ability to recommend investment choices of charitable assets, grow these assets and request grants to favourite charities over time. This donor-advised account also permits donors to establish a legacy of giving for many years.

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