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TerraFunds and TerraTundra Foundation offer a simplified and tax-smart approach to charitable giving using a flow-through limited partnership.

Today's investors are looking for simple and effective tax strategies and charitable planning advice. We have combined these two objectives into one program called the TerraTundra Foundation Giving Program (the "Giving Program").

Flow-through limited partnerships coupled with charitable giving can be an important component in your financial planning and overall wealth management. With the Giving Program you have an opportunity for a simple and effective means for making charitable donations utilizing a diversified flow-through limited partnership all in one calendar year.

The Giving Program is attractive to investors who do not wish to establish a foundation or who plan on setting up their own foundation at a later date. The Giving Program can also be an effective supplement to an existing private foundation so investors have added philanthropic flexibility (see Complementing a Private Foundation). For other donors, the Giving Program can serve as a strategic complement to an existing foundation, trust, or supporting organization.

Advantages of the Terra Short-Term FTLP

Advantages of the TerraTundra Giving Program

•  Attractive tax deductions

•  Diversified portfolio of public energy and mining firms

•  Early conversion to mutual fund

•  5-star portfolio management

•  A & F Class Units
• Facilitates donation of initial FTLP investment

• Provides substantial additional tax deductions immediately

• Lowers donation cost

• Establishes tax-free investment earnings and growth for your account

• Simplifies your giving - choose how and when you support charities

• Consolidates your giving; offers one source to fund many charities

• Establishes a philanthropic tradition now and for future generations

• Eliminates ongoing legal & administration fees

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