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Donor Advised Funds
The primary activity of TerraTundra Foundation (the "Foundation") is to sponsor donor-advised fund accounts ("DAF"). A donor is the prior owner of assets that have been contributed to the Foundation in order to fund an account. The DAF allows donors to receive an immediate tax deduction, recommend contributions to registered charities, and allow for planning and growth before any portion of the donation must be distributed (also referred to as "grants"). An account costs nothing to establish, and there are no additional out-of-pocket expenses to the donor.

Donors may include:
• Individuals or Groups
• Corporations
• Private Foundations / Other Donor-Advised Funds
• Trusts & Partnerships

Donors or other authorized parties make recommendations for distributing the funds to a Canadian registered charity on their own timetable. A donor-advised fund offers benefits such as flexibility in grant recommending, including the ability to remain anonymous. Because the donor must make an irrevocable contribution to obtain the tax deduction, the Foundation owns and controls the assets, but allows the donor to make recommendations over the distribution of charitable grants. This is why grants are recommended by donors and not made by them. The Foundation has sole discretion over the assets, but will generally act on the recommendations of the donor (or parties authorized by the donor) that may be given through the TerraTundra Giving Program.

Key characteristics

1.  Simple, flexible & cost effective
2.  Provides an immediate tax benefit
3.  Allows investor time to decide which charities to support
4.  Supports participation in investment allocations
5.  Consolidates charitable giving
6.  Offers privileges for naming of account and for naming successors
7.  Ability to establish a legacy for future generations
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