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Types of Assets Accepted

TerraTundra Foundation accepts several types of assets as contributions, whether held individually, by another Donor-Advised Fund, or by an existing trust or private foundation. A minimum initial donation of $2,500 is required, after which subsequent minimum $1,000 donations may be made. Acceptable assets are listed below.

Terra Flow-Through Limited Partnerships
Contribute mutual fund shares received after the rollover of the Terra Flow-Through LP into a designated Terra Mutual Fund.

Mutual fund shares
Contribute mutual fund shares from almost any fund firm. Contributions from any Terra mutual fund may be made on the next month-end valuation. Fund shares held outside Terra may take four to eight weeks which is standard in the mutual fund industry and caused by required wait times for paperwork approval and transfers which are outside the control of TerraTundra Foundation.

Publicly-traded securities
Contribute securities such as stocks and bonds to TerraTundra's brokerage account electronically or by mailing certificates. Thinly traded securities or restricted stock shares must be pre-approved by TerraTundra Foundation.

Contribute Canadian dollars via personal cheque, bank cheque or wire cash from an account at a Canadian financial institution.


Call us at 1-855-977-8181 for more information and to see how we can help with a contribution.

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